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"For the Best of Times"
“There is no bad whisky. There are only some whiskys that aren’t as good as others.” -raymond chandler
Tucked between the valleys of the Scottish lowlands, deep within the thick bush lies one of the worlds best kept secrets to have ever graced a persons lips. Combining organically grown barely from some of the most fertile lands in the world, pristine waters sullied by no man, unadulterated venerable yeast cultures, and aged in the finest virgin white oak barrels Glengoolie is the premier choice of whisky drinkers around the globe.
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Introducing Glengoolie Black Label A limited run, blended whiskey, created from a mix of four 21 year old whiskies. Each aged in a different type of wood, American oak, European oak, French oak, and hickory. This gives Glengoolie Black Label a complex, sofisticated, yet smooth taste unrivaled by any other whiskey.
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